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Connection between Fibroids and Anxiety

As per medical research stress is a significant component for many recurrent and chronic health problems, including uterine fibroids. Stress can increase blood pressure, narrow the arteries, increase the risk of heart disease and overall reduces your body’s immunity. This can lead you to many diseases due to decreased ability of your body to fight sickness and diseases.

Stress is one of the most crucial components for controlling fibroids symptoms and eliminating them altogether. Studies have shown a link between stress and the aggravation of the symptoms of fibroids. Although stress does not directly cause fibroids to grow, it is believed that when combined with other factors, such as a poor diet or building of liver toxins, it is a contributory factor.

Stress can impair the proper functions of the brain, including that part of the brain which determines hormonal activities in your body. This makes brain difficult to maintain proper hormone levels including time to release hormones. Since fibroids growth is affected by estrogen hormone, having hormone activity disrupted due to stress can enhance fibroids growth.

Putting in simple words; high stress levels increases estrogen production in the body, a hormone that feeds fibroids.

Simple Techniques to Reduce Stress from your Life:

  1. Relaxation Techniques – Meditation, Massage, Yoga, or any other activity which you find relaxing like swimming, playing some sports, go for an outing etc.
  2. Social Life is Important – Make sure you make out time for your friends and family to share some light moments. You can also share your emotions with friends & family, who could be great source of comfort.
  3. Upgrade your Lifestyle – It’s very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and making healthy choices. Unhealthy foods may contribute to increased anxiety. Engaging in exercise is also a great way to reduce stress, promote sleep and release mood boosting hormones.

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